Words can take you on journeys involving all your senses without you moving an inch. Whether writing on behalf of a CEO; conceptualising and writing strategic documents; compiling issue or product-related newsletters; content and project management of publications; profiling people in their personal or professional capacities; or waxing lyrical just for the sake of it – words are my primary paint brush. Even Solomon attested to the value of words properly used. According to him, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Being counted the wisest of his time, I suppose he would know.

My business is selecting (or pruning) the “apples of gold” to convey the right message to the relevant audience, eliciting some response.

To do this properly, I have the fun task of stepping into several pairs of shoes a day: I might be an executive seeking to rally his or her team around a certain vision; a manager reporting performance results; a thought leader shaping opinions; a reporter keeping his or her audience informed; a story teller; or a poet painting, with words, the world as (s)he sees it.


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